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Currently, I am playing with the garage gospel band Gospel Machine.

Gospel Machine: "Just Call Me"

Gospel Machine: "Reunion Day"

In 2010, I began playing with The Small Cities and in Spring 2012, we released our first full-length "With Fire."

For Christmas of 2009, I made an album of children's rock for my niece Katie. Little did I know that this would become the greatest children's album of all time. With humility I submit "Unicorn Rock," an album that includes a bug with the voice of Tom Waits, an ode to flying unicorns (which I have been informed is incorrect since unicorns do not fly; Pegasus flew), and a four-piece brass band played without brass instruments.

The life of Wes Burdine & the Librarians was brief and wonderful. We formed after the release of my full-length, recorded an EP named after a certain baseball player.

My first record was recorded in the most piece-meal fashion possible as I lugged around a few microphones and a cheap recorder to empty practice spaces. I used whatever instruments I could find: a vibraphone, a pipe organ, some guy's guitar amp that had been left in my basement, etc...